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Sloop Tavern Yacht Club has always been about providing a variety of races for new, casual, and experienced sailors. We are casual because we mostly use the same permanent marks and the starting line is often the same. But that's where the same ends. We welcome new racers to join any of our races, but we specifically designed a few of our races just for beginners.

  • Take Your Time Fridays are one short course, one start, no committee boat, and two rules: (1) no yelling and (2) less experienced boats have right of way.
  • Three Buoy Fiasco is perfect for cruisers and new racers, with two long reaching legs  and zero strategy since you can take the marks in any order and direction.
  • The Triple Sound Series (TSS) is three double or single handed races, two of them overnight destination races, and all great for cruising singles or couples.
  • Monday night Ballard Cup series is a great way to learn tricks by following experienced sailors on short courses with a sunset in the background.
  • The legendary Race Your House in partnership with the Shilshole Liveaboard Association is for liveaboards only. 

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