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Sloop Tavern Yacht Club is a volunteer run organization focused on sailboat racing.  In addition to hosting over 40 races per year, we have parties, sponsor overnight multi-day cruises, and frequently you will find us hanging out at the Ballard Elks.  Our races and events only happen because members say, “Yes, I’ll help!” and volunteer for a variety of roles with varying levels of responsibility.  Many volunteers start by signing up as race committee boat crew or help setup/takedown a party and continue to volunteer as they can. Others have moved into club leadership positions yet still others love sailing and end up owning a boat and racing. There is something for everyone and a multitude of ways to get involved! If you do not find the information you’re looking for please reach out.


Credit:  Lisa Mize Photography

Race Committee Boat Crew

Race Committee Boat Crew do not need race or sailing experience and it's a great way to learn about racing and meet fellow sailors.

  • Start/Finish:  Check in registered boats and record finishing times on paper or a tablet.  Usually there are several volunteers on this task.   
  • Flaggers:  Raise and lower flags at the direction of an experienced flagger.  Flags communicate the start of a race.  There’s more but someone will guide you.
  • Over Early Flagger: Requires a keen eye to identify racers who go over the start line early. 
  • Flag Organizer: A seasoned crew member who knows the flag sequence.  The Flag Organizer hands the right flags to the flaggers.
  • Timer: Calls out each boat’s finish time in hours, minutes and seconds.  Best for someone who has incredible focus and a loud voice.
  • Horn Tooter: Sounds the horn as boats cross the finish line. 
  • Spotter: Using binoculars, identifies the sail number of boats approaching and crossing the finish line.

Committee Boat

Any boat owner or skipper with access to a boat can be the Committee Boat!  Skippers only need a boat large enough to hold the race committee crew and the ability to anchor in 50 feet of water (or more, depending on the event.)  Click here for more detailed information on being a Committee Boat and scoring.

Principal Race Officer 

The Principal Race Officer (PRO) is responsible for running the technical side of the race. They have training in all aspects of a race and are ultimately in charge.  Sometimes the committee boat owner is also the PRO and other times PRO’s are assigned to committee boats.  Duties include:

  • Help conduct the skipper's meeting.
  • Work with the Event Coordinator on getting race equipment onboard and returned to STYC.
  • Assign roles to race committee boat crew and train on the tasks needed.
  • Set the start line.
  • Choose the course.
  • Oversee starting the sequence, finishing and scoring boats, and ensure all participants are accounted for.
  • Ensure a safe and fair race.
  • Help present awards. (optional)

STYC offers annual PRO Training.  Depending on your existing race and PRO experience, this generally involves on and off the water mentoring, being a race committee boat volunteer a few times to learn from others, trying different crew positions and watching experienced PRO’s. In return, we ask that you be PRO for at least one race per year. 

Ballard Cup Series Event Coordinator

STYC sponsors the popular Ballard Cup Series I, II and III.  Beginning in mid-April and ending in mid-August, races are held on Monday evenings off Shilshole Bay Marina.  Each Series is comprised of six races.  Event Coordinators are typically STYC members who are comfortable reaching out to skippers and members asking for help with races.  They source and secure the following for the series they are volunteering for.

  • Committee Boat.
  • Principal Race Officer.
  • Race Committee Boat Crew.
  • Race Equipment Coordination.
  • Assistance with the paper and/or online scoring program.

    Weekend and Multi-Day Race Event Coordinator

    Races occurring on the weekends or the longer two-day races require an Event Coordinator who is up for a bit more planning.  In addition to the duties listed for Ballard Cup they also coordinate:

    • Prizes.
    • Swag.
    • Venue, moorage, and all communications with vendors.
    • Catering.
    • Sponsors and more.


    Mystery Bay 2024

    STYC cruising events are becoming the talk of the town!  Under the guidance of our Cruise Director, Kristina Southard, club members enjoy multi-day overnight cruises to local destinations where we share food, drink, stories and gather as a community in a more relaxed setting.  Some cruises need shore-based volunteers to help transport boaters to a location, help with setup/takedown, or merely to join in the fun from shore.  Reach out for more information.



    Shore-based events include membership parties, charity work, shore-based race support, Skipper Meetings for two-day races and more.  These events need volunteers too!  This is a great opportunity for those with and without boats to meet other club members and make connections within the club. Contact and you will be connected with the Event Coordinator. Want to get in on the fun from the inside?  We welcome those interested in planning an event!  The club provides planning resources, event funding, and a drink or two to commiserate if necessary. You may be asked help select the venue, catering, sponsors, door prizes, programming and marketing, as well as volunteers for setup and cleanup. 

    If we have piqued your interest in volunteering with the STYC, click here to search for races or events still needing volunteers.  Then reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator and express your interest in volunteering.  You will be added to a list of interested individuals and will receive periodic emails asking for volunteer help.  Some requests will be for future events and others will be "We could use help tomorrow!"

    Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon!  

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