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All previous race results are here: Results.

The Commodore's Cup is awarded to the boat with the best scores in their top five STYC races. All STYC races qualify.

The 2019 winner of the Commodore's Cup was Rock Lobster. The 2020 winner of Commodore's Cup was Grayling.


Sloop Tavern Yacht Club has always been about providing a variety of races for new, casual, and experienced sailors. We are casual because we mostly use the same starting line just outside the Shilshole Marina and permanent marks. But that's where the same ends. We welcome new racers to join any of our races, but we specifically designed a few of our races just for beginners. Our race dates are announced annually in January, after the Seattle Area Racing Calendar is published.

Iceberg Race - A season warmup, short distance Saturday race similar to Ballard Cup. 

Freshwater Race - Our only lake race in Lake Washington with bacon as prizes. Saturday race, starts and ends in Kirkland, shares place and time with our Bourbon and Bacon Cruise. 

Blakely Rock Benefit Race - Our biggest weekend race with 100+ boats and a party and raffle benefiting a different nonprofit organization each year.

Ballard Cup I - The first of a series of three six packs of Monday night short races, courses vary using various fixed marks, awards at Sloop Tavern after. First start is at 6:10 pm. 
Race to the Straits - Shorthanded reverse start two day race to Port Townsend, race #1 of the Triple Sound Series. Halfway party in Port Townsend, moorage included. Sells out every year.
Round the Sound - This is a long distance, multi-day race in Puget Sound.
Ballard Cup II - Same as Ballard Cup 1, but with race cutoff extended to 9 pm for longer evenings.
Take-Your-Time Fridays - No race committee, same course every Friday, one start, you take your own finish time. No protesting, no yelling, and boats of a greater sailing ability are required to go out of their way to avoid boats of a lesser ability. 
Three Buoy Fiasco - A very casual reaching race on Saturday using two temporary marks on the shore of Bainbridge Island. You can take the marks in any order and any direction. 
Women at the Helm - a new Saturday race with format identical to the Fall Regatta (see below), and a restriction on who can drive in the interest of mixing it up a little.
Ballard Cup III - Same as Ballard Cup 1 and 2, but with shorter cutoff times as the days get shorter again. The most popular Ballard Cup series, with up to ten starts.
Down the Sound - Shorthanded reverse start two day race to Gig Harbor, race #2 of the Triple Sound Series. Halfway party in Gig Harbor, moorage included. Usually sells out. 
Single-Handed Race - A truly introverted race. Reverse start, short race, self-steering devices are allowed. 
Jack & Jill Race - Shorthanded race using local fixed marks, on a Saturday. Race #3 of the Triple Sound Series.
Fall Regatta - Saturday race with up to three starts using local fixed marks. 

Race Your House - Must live on your boat and race it in this race to qualify.

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