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Join us on the water. Learn more about racing. Make friends. Enjoy free food and drink. Volunteer to be on a race committee! The Principal Race Officer will make the best of your transferable skills and any race experience at the start and finish, and you get to socialize, relax and watch the show in between and after. There are opportunities to be on the water a long time or just an evening.

Here are the types of jobs on race committee:

  • Boat check-in and finishing (good for people who like holding clipboards and tablets, being quick and thorough, and communicating.)
  • Class and prep flaggers (easy job, but critical since the flags are the key signal to racers, so it's like dancing to the beat.)
  • Over early flagger (easiest job, and you might not even do anything. But when you're on, you're on until you're off, so you have to listen.)
  • Flag organizer (handing the right flags to the flaggers, and for this, it helps to know the flag sequence.)
  • Horn tooter (and very occasionally shotgun shooter. Easy job, but you need a steady finger and you need to listen to the timer. )
  • Timer (holds stopwatch, calls out steps - best for someone experienced, and who has a great attention span and a loud voice.)

Email us at if you would like to be in our race committee volunteer pool. We are happy to answer questions. You will be emailed periodically for your interest in various races.

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