Our club is an all-volunteer organization and we need your help to continue presenting fun and fair racing.

Please contact our race committee chair to let us know how you can help the club. Descriptions and qualifications for each position are listed below.

Race Committee Chair (Mark Jackson 425-275-2111)
2019 STYC Volunteer List 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 
Race Date Event Coordinator PRO Committee Boat Committee
Iceberg Race   Sat, 1/19/2019   Dave Sinson   Kamoon  
Blakely Rock Benefit   Sat, 4/6/2019   Shannon Renner Mark Jackson Tabu Sarah Quill, Dana Brooks, Marisol Williams, Sara Smith, Jim and Alison Leonard
Ballard Cup 1 - R1   Mon, 4/15/2019   Ken Chin Tim Morgenroth Airloom Airloom Crew
Ballard Cup 1 - R2   Mon, 4/22/2019   Ken Chin Eric Finn Distance Kevin Dolan, Lisa Smith
Ballard Cup 1 - R3   Mon, 4/29/2019   Ken Chin Jenny Heins Those Guys  
Race to the Straits Sea   Sat, 5/4/2019   Shannon Renner Eric Finn Lady Too Damon Darley, Wanda Crietz
Race to the Straits PT   Sat, 5/4/2019   Shannon Renner Charlie O'Hern Tangent Marci, Sean Rosenlieb, Steve Franklin, Jim Heumann and wife
Race to the Straits PT   Sun, 5/5/2019   Shannon Renner Charlie O'Hern Tangent Marci, Sean Rosenlieb, Steve Franklin, Shez Tucker, Michelle Tucker
Race to the Straits Sea   Sun, 5/5/2019   Shannon Renner Mike Cain Rubigale Sarah Quill, Dana Brooks, Mark, Julia Guard
Ballard Cup 1 - R4   Mon, 5/6/2019   Ken Chin   Different Drummer Charles Hill,
Ballard Cup 1 - R5   Mon, 5/13/2019   Ken Chin Dave O'Hern De Novo Charlie O'Hern
Ballard Cup 1 - R6   Mon, 5/20/2019   Ken Chin   Gusto Beth Miller
Ballard Cup 2 - R1   Mon, 6/3/2019   Eric Finn Ken Chin Kowloon Ken Chin
Ballard Cup 2 - R2   Mon, 6/10/2019   Eric Finn   Eclipse Bill Fraser, Kirk Fraser
Three Buoy Fiasco   Sat, 6/15/2019   Mike Danger Adams   Too Hip To Quit Dana Brooks
Ballard Cup 2 - R3   Mon, 6/17/2019   Eric Finn Eric Finn Grayling Grayling crew
Ballard Cup 2 - R4   Mon, 6/24/2019   Eric Finn   Sea Haven Cary Kaczowka
Ballard Cup 2 - R5   Mon, 7/1/2019   Eric Finn   Slow Loris  
Ballard Cup 2 - R6   Mon, 7/8/2019   Eric Finn   Boadicea  
Ballard Cup 3 - R1   Mon, 7/15/2019   Mike Cain   Reckless Emre Can Sezer, Lizzy
Ballard Cup 3 - R2   Mon, 7/29/2019   Mike Cain   Velella  
Ballard Cup 3 - R3   Mon, 8/5/2019   Mike Cain TBD Greyling Greyling
Down the Sound Sea   Sat, 8/3/2019   Laney Gale (Kirk will help)      
Down the Sound GH   Sat, 8/3/2019   Laney Gale      
Down the Sound GH   Sun, 8/4/2019   Laney Gale      
Down the Sound Sea   Sun, 8/4/2019   Laney Gale Ben and Jen Braden TBD  
Ballard Cup 3 - R4   Mon, 8/12/2019   Mike Cain   Crazy Ivan Crazy Ivan
Ballard Cup 3 - R5   Mon, 8/19/2019   Mike Cain   Blue Lullaby  
Ballard Cup 3 - R6   Mon, 8/26/2019   Mike Cain TBD Wind Dancer Wind Dancer
Single-Handed Race   Sat, 8/24/2019   Jared Swalwell   Amoretto Marty Bower,
J & J Race   Sat, 9/14/2019   Mike Cain     Sarah Quill
Fall Regatta   Sat, 10/19/2019   Mike Cain Mark Jackson Rubigale Dana Brooks (skipper), Sara smith, Faraz Yusuf, Doug Mansell, Mike Adams, Duncan Chalmers, Sharon Stacy
Race-Your-House   Sat, 11/2/2019   Kirk Utter   Strange Attractor (Jeremy Boynes) Sarah Quill

Event Coordinator:
This is the person who takes ownership of the event working closely with the STYC race chairman. The position requires basic project management skills to make sure all aspect of the race proceed as planned and is usually part of the race committee, often acting as the principal race officer (PRO).

Principal Race Officer (PRO):
This person is in charge of conducting the race. Duties include directing the committee members, communicating with the fleet, deciding long or short course options, postponements, etc. This position requires prior committee boat experience and familiarity with the STYC race book, the racing rules of sailing, and starting procedures.

Committee Boat:
Please consider volunteering your boat (and yourself as skipper) for the committee boat. For most events any boat over about 25' with an anchor is fine. Volunteering your boat only requires that you take the race committee (2-6 people) aboard and are able to set an anchor in about 60' of water. Most of our races start just outside the breakwater at Shilshole and will have you back at the dock in less than 4 hours.

Race Committee:
No experience is necessary! We will need between 2 and 8 people for each event. Your duties will include holding flags, blowing the horn, etc. as directed by the principal race officer...then enjoy a cold beverage and snacks while watching the race and writing down finish times.