Party Time!!!
(These are open to members and non-members alike.)

2018 Parties
January 11 STYC Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 16th Membership Renewal Party
February 8 STYC Board Meeting
March 8 STYC Board Meeting
April 12 STYC Board Meeting
May 10, 2018 STYC Board Meeting
Friday, May 18 Spring Membership Meeting
June 14, 2018 STYC Board Meeting
August 9, 2018 STYC Board Meeting
September 10, 2018 STYC Board Meeting
Friday, September 21 Fall Membership Party
October 11, 2018 STYC Board Meeting
November 8, 2018 STYC Board Meeting
December 8, 2018 Christmas Party
December 10, 2018 STYC Board Meeting
January 10, 2019 STYC Board Meeting
December 14, 2019 Christmas Party
December 8, 2018 Christmas Party (9 days ago)

STYC Christmas Party

This years holiday party is not to miss. You better come up from wherever you're hiding out. We're talking prime rib, live band, photo booth, and so many giveaways - including haul-out packages, binoculars, you know the drill! We know it's the holiday season and you've got lots of places to be, just make sure you stop by the Ballard VFW hall Friday, December 8th between 6:00-10:00 for a piece of prime rib and salmon, dancing, voting (yay exercise your rights!) and your chance to win a bunch of grrreat door prizes! (If you want food come before 8:30 PM)

Cover is $20, (includes prime rib, salmon, drinks, & door prizes)

As always, STYC is not exclusive - our party is open to everyone. Bring our friends and have some Slooper good fun!

Havast all your hearty soul it appears our party has been captured by the pirates of the Black Pearl and our ship board party has been kidnapped to an enchanted island where other victims of these dastardly pirates are being held for ransom.   There are survivors of the Titanic, the cast Gilligan's's Island, several volleyballs with face painted on them, a chap named Friday and his buddy Robinson Crusoe and several trespassers of the pirate code, including Blackbeard, Long John Silver, all held on this mystery island awaiting their ransoms to be paid.  Please join us, there is a $100 reward for the most creative costume and ship wreck story.

Captain Ron