It has been a pleasure and an honor serving as your Commodore the last 2 years.
The club's membership is at record levels since it peaked in 1993. We have a
strong and healthy board that works endlessly to ensure our program is one of
quality ... and remains fun. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that
has given back to the club. We are 100% volunteer driven and we do not exist if
we aren't helping out a little here and there. We are stronger than ever after
38 years because of YOU. If you would like to get more involved with the inner
workings of the club ...come join us at a board meeting. Its really interesting will probably be surprised (bring beer). Feel free to contact me for time
and directions. We are looking to fill a few race event positions which are
easy 1 time commitments, so stop by and check it out.

Right now open up your calendar and make sure you have the STYC Christmas party
in there on Friday 12/12 ...doors open at 6pm. Its at the Ballard Elks right next
to the Shilshole marina so you can stumble to yours or a friends boat and crash as
an option and there is lots of free parking. Gertrude's Hearse is the band. $15/person
at the door. All you can drink, fresh salmon and a yummy beef roast provided. Bring a
side dish if you can.

cheers and Ballard On




I maintain that I am a Commodore of less words and more action. But, I
would not be doing my job if I didn't remind you of the membership meeting
tomorrow night at the Ballard Eagleson-VFW (the hall just East of the Sloop
Tavern past the grass field). I suppose I can be accused of letting our
traditional newsletter "the Anchorline" ...fade away to other social
mediums; But I WILL take credit for moving the day of our bi-annual member
meeting from a Thursday to a Friday! Things in life that make sense. BE
there no earlier than 6pm (2812 NW Market St.) ... double kegger (Spinnaker
Bay Brewing Co., IPA + a lighter beer), BAND !!!, Burgers (bring a side
dish if you can). We will tandem the evening with the RACE YOUR HOUSE
skippers meeting. We share the awards ceremony on Saturday together, why
not make it something to remember? Oh ...and remember, CSR offered a haul-
out for raffle (must be present to win/all included). No membership voting
or busy business for this one (again). Just a bunch of fun. If you already
have plans ...ya, should cancel them.

Personal Note: special thank you to the "Dude", Michael Humpston,
representing WLA (Washington Liveaboard Association) for ALL the
organization for RACE YOUR HOUSE. This man has been doing it. KUDOS DUDE!


Commodore, STYC
206-714-6041 mobile/text
206-336-6333 voice mail/desk

PS: there is still time to enter either race. But ya gotta get the message
to me fast, like call me! if I don't answer text or call again.


This came in from our friends at Washington Sea Grant. They are conducting
a round of "First Aid at Sea" classes ...check it out. I (your Commodore)
will be attending. This meets one of the USCG OUPV Captains License
requirements that I need to obtain after taking the class and passing the
tests at Flagship Maritime in Tacoma. Its nice that they are offering a
Seattle class as well. But dont just do it for a certification, do it for
yourself. For a hands on class like this, its really affordable.

March 31, 2014 MEDIA CONTACT: Meg Matthews, 206-291-5942/

Stay Safe on the Water with Washington Sea Grant
First Aid at Sea session to be held in Seattle, Tacoma. Brush up on your
safety skills just in time for Opening Day with Washington Sea Grant, Port
of Seattle Fishermen's Terminal and Flagship Maritime Training.

First Aid at Sea: When crisis strikes, dont be left adrift: learn skills
that help you respond quickly to emergencies. This Coast Guard-approved
course covers critical life-saving measures including first aid kit prep,
CPR, patient assessment, hypothermia, near drowning, shock, trauma, burns,
fractures, choking and more.

Recreational boaters and commercial fishermen will benefit from this class


Seattle session: Wednesday, May 21, 8 5p.m.
Nordby Conference Room, Nordby Building
Fishermens Terminal
3919 18th Ave. West
Seattle, Wash., 98119

Tacoma session: Thursday, May 29, 8 5p.m.
Flagship Maritime Training
821 Dock Street
Tacoma, Wash., 98402

$80 ($40 for commercial fishermen); pre-registration required. Only 15
spots available per course.

For information and registration, contact Sarah Fisken: or

# # #
Housed in the College of the Environment at the University of Washington,
Washington Sea Grant leads research, outreach and education for people to
understand and address challenges facing our oceans and coasts. Join the
conversation with @WASeaGrant and Visit us online

cheers, Mikey



Hey there everyone! ...and helloooooo S-P-R-I-N-G---!!!!

The season starts with the Blakely Rock Benefit Race in just a couple weeks
on April 5th. there were 106 registered boats last year so look for another
great turnout. We are supporting Sail Sand Point for one more year ...seems
like a great choice as we don't have a youth sailing program and it offers
young adults a chance to experience sailing with SSP's Community Outreach
Program that they would not have had otherwise. This is promoting sailing
in areas that will make a difference to future generations.

After that we have another big one May 3/4 (opening day): RACE TO THE
STRAITS ...with 115 boats last year and even more expected this year, RTTS
continues to be the largest and definitely the most popular single/double
handed race in the entire NW Territory.

One thing to note here is the following month NOOD runs however many of us
do not have one design boats. An offer to include STYC was presented to us
via Sailing World and Cruising World Magazines for Saturday, May are the details via their site:

Introducing the NORTH Rally Race The NORTH Rally Race is making its debut
at the 2014 Seattle NOOD. We are thrilled to be working in partnership with
NORTH Sails to improve the NOOD regattas and offer an alternative race
model in an effort to diversify the participation at the NOODs and open the
event up to include a wider range of sailors.

The NORTH Rally Race, a one day, random leg, PHRF-scored race is perfect
for new-to-racing sailors, families, custom boats that don't fit within the
One Design concept of the NOODs as well as the avid racer that only has one
free day. After the racing on Saturday the Rally Class can swap stories and
raise a glass with their fellow NOOD sailors at the regatta party. The more
the merrier!!

If you typically sail one design with us in Seattle, but know someone who
might enjoy a few hours on the water, followed by a few drinks at the club
with the rest of the gang then the NORTH Rally Race is for them. Help spread
the word, it should be a ton of fun!

Check it out and feel free to ping me if you have any questions ...I can
forward them on to Jennifer Davies at Sailing World.

Cheers and enjoy the sun ...when ever it decides to show itself!

Commodore STYC



Perhaps you have NOT renewed your membership yet? STYC officers and friends
will be hanging out at the Sloop Tavern January 30th 6-9pm for the
traditional "membership drive". Feel free to come down and sign up as a new
member as well and meet your peeps. Make a calendar reminder now, before
you forget. Avoid the late fee ...go online now and renew! Have any issues your Commodore at and we will figure it out.

Membership is on track for an all time high again like last year, make sure
you are a part of STYC as it grows even bigger and better.



STYC will be running 82 boats Saturday 10/19 between Race Your House and
the Fall Regatta. Its another big day for the club.


*****FRIDAY 10/18*****

*Ballard Sails 7-9pm Race Your House skippers meeting/double kegger/live
band/swag give-away. All members and guest are welcome.

*****SATURDAY 10/19*****

*Fall Regatta skippers meeting 8:30 am at the Sloop Tavern. Coffee and

*Fall Regatta first start 10am

*Race Your House first start 11am

*Awards ceremony for Fall Regatta and Race Your House 7pm at the Sloop
Tavern. Live Music by Lenny West. Playing for tips, please appreciate him
with a donation.

About Lenny West "Lenman":

...... LenMan is back for his 3rd year performing Trop Rock, Calypso, and
Hawaiian Music for our "Race your House" Award's Night. If you saw him 2
years ago at the Sloop Tavern, he was coming to us "Direct-From-Waikiki".
As a live-aboard in the Ala Wai Harbor, Len was the regular in-house
musicianeer for the 100 Year old storied 'Hawaii Yacht Club' and their
events, including being the chosen performer (twice) for awards night at
one of the world's greatest Yacht Races, 'Trans-Pac'.!!!
Besides being an impressive guitar and ukulele slinger, LenMan
brings us his cache of tunes telling tales of Sailors and Fishermen,
vagabonds and Island-hoppers, ex-pats and beach-combers, Pirates, Parrot-
heads, Whalers, Captains, Cruisers, and Polynesian Paradise...
We know you're going to enjoy this rare appearance by a true "Son-
of-a-Son-of-a-Sailor"... 'Hele On' my fellow Sailors... As LenMan would


Last night at the Sloop proved to be a great event. We handed over $8100 to
Sail Sand Point, rolled through all the RTTS awards ...very cool
personalized flasks ...good job on those trophies Ashley! ...and by then
the race committee was ready to hand out BC1 race 5 awards ...and then the
Ballard Cup Series 1 awards. Warm evening air and epic sailing before the
party/ceremony left everyone waking up with smiles this morning (yes, it
was that much fun). If you were unable to get your award(s), they are all
in the trophy case at the Sloop Tavern. Please feel free to get yours
and/or feel free to contact me if you want to get a better idea of where it
is. Thank you all for making STYC so much fun.

Note 1: Mike Cain has a cruise to Poulso planned June 21-23, click to the
Cruising page for more details. No races on the calendar so get your
cruising on. Let Mike know you are going to join in.

Note 2: The Three Buoy Fiasco is coming up June 15th. This race is no cost
to STYC members. This race is run in partnership with the Port Madison
Yacht Club and encompasses a friendly competition between East and West
sound homeports. Registration can be completed on-line, check out the
racing page and make the call to race. This is the one where you choose
which direction you want to run the course. How much fun is that!

Cheers and Ballard On,




SI update for Race To The Straits awards has been moved to 6/3
which will be right after the BC Series 1 awards.


WOW!!!! Look at our accomplishments already this year:

ICEBERG in January, 33 registered boats, great wind, minimal rain.

BLAKELY ROCK BENEFIT RACE that ran on 4/13 with *105* registered boats ...a
ten year record, and raising $8000 for SAIL SAND POINT. I know many of you
are really happy to see the money this year go directly back into the
sailing community, as am I. A super special thank you to all the
voluneers that helped out to make this event happen including SSP who
assisted tremendously with the preparation and endless planning. Also to
our most awesome board members that worked their asses off.

BALLARD CUP - SERIES #1 begins this evening. *52* registered boats so far
with rumors of a couple more making this a great start to Monday night

RACE TO THE STRAITS runs this weekend May 4/5 and we have (WTF?) ***110
boats registered for this one!!!!! What the heck is going on here folks?

>>>>>> This make two races with more than 100 registered boats in a three
week period! Holy Moly! <<<<<<<<<

....some of you may have noticed that I haven't been full of chatter, not
here on-line, and not taking up too much microphone time at the member
meetings or the skippers meeting. I am however working hard behind the
scenes along with a terrific board and others of you that have been
volunteering to make this club such a success. Its all of us that make STYC
the club to be a part of. I dont need to camp anything up with chatter
...the numbers speak for themselves.

If you are interested in getting more involved assisting with events,
planning or just helping out ...please feel free to call or email me.
Nobody gets auto-volunteered for anything, its ok to inquire and ask
questions. We are successful because we have volunteers that care and want
to help. Think about serving on the STYC board. we need you, people that
havent served before. It is important to get new people involved. Message
me if you would like to talk a bit about serving on the 2014 board.

Cheers to an awesome start this year,

Commodore Mikey
aka: Captain Ocho