November 29th


As 2012 heads toward a close, it's gratifying to know the club is in such good shape.  Befitting the successful year just past, our upcoming Christmas party will be a great way to recognize our achievements, and celebrate the season.  Also, let's remember that this event is held concurrent with annual board elections, and marks a changing of the guard as we install a new Vice Commodore and Commodore, and see turnover in other board positions.


I encourage all members to attend  this grand event.  Use it as an opportunity to  catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and generally have a good time enjoying the rewards of being with others like yourselves.  (me too).


As in years past, STYC goes all out for this one,  bringing together our own unique style, mixing tuxedos and evening gowns with jeans and t-shirts, pot luck, barbeque and beer kegs.


See you there



October 22nd


Wow!  Fall Regatta and Race-your-house.   What a great way to cap another successful sailing season for  STYC!  44 RYH'ers along with another 30 Fall Regatta boats racing a total of four races, much of it over a common course.  What a grand sight it was to see so many sails down around West Point, and know they were all part of an STYC day. Especially when you consider these boats represented elements across the  spectrum of sailors, and boat types.  The party afterwards at the Sloop was pretty great too.  Lots of  broad smiles and glowing faces to end the day with.   Just exactly the perfect model of our mission  and who we are as a club.

Way to go to everyone who was out there, and all those who supported us for such a fun event.  Let's do it again next year!



October 9th


Although Summer is finally past, your friendly neighborhood yacht club is still at it as we now move decisively into Fall.  Right around the corner now we will be hosting the double header event known separately as Fall Regatta, and Race-Your-House!  Saturday the 20th is the big day (which actually starts the night before for the Race-Your-House group at a gala skippers' meeting hosted by Ballard Sails, and supported by a long list of wonderful sponsors).


And if that wasn't enough partying, don't forget to check out the joint awards celebration at the Sloop Tavern on Saturday evening, including lots of trophies, prizes and live music. This event last year turned out to be an excellent opportunity for two of our most important constituent groups, (racers / live aboards) to meet and mingle. What a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the larger sailing community in our area!  And, oh yeah, it was a blast.


If you are a full time live aboard, you definitely want to get registered for Race-Your-House.  If not, you can have an equal amount of fun by participating in the Fall Regatta.  Let's go!






September 14th


A busy Summer gives way to a busy Fall


Much has happened since I last found my way to these pages, mostly all good and fun stuff.  And although there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make our events successful(fun),  it all seems to pay off in the end as we keep rolling along as a club.  Wow! Since my last blog we have held such annual events as the single-handed race, the J&J, which was also the finale for the 2012 Triple Sound Series, and the now legendary (already) Pink boat, held in partnership with the foundation.


As we look to fall, we see the General Membership meeting on the 20th of September, the Fall Regatta on October 20th (STYC's  version of Grand Prix) and the much anticipated return of Race you House, also scheduled for October 20th.


When one considers the successes we have shared as we moved through the year, I would like to ask you to join me in thanking all those individuals (board members, event chairs, and volunteers of every stripe) who make it happen for us, and who make STYC the most fun yacht club in town.







Aug 20th


Attention skippers!  September 9th is the date for Pink Boat!  This exciting and worthwhile new-to-the-NW event will test our commitment and support for breast cancer research, as well as our skills at having fun. The event reflects a creative and unique collaboration between STYC, and the recently formed  This will mark the second Pinkboat event ever (the first being held last fall in San Francisco). 


By all measures, the first Pinkboat was a success. Our hope is to improve on that success and move the bar even higher. To do this we will need your help, along with the help of your crew, and everyone you know who is willing to "buy a buoy for the girls" on your behalf.


The date draws near so get your pink on,  get your people involved, and get registered! Go to and show your true color.


And remember; even if you don't have any breasts, you know someone close to you who does.


Let's go!






June  8th


It's hard to believe June is here already! Yes, partly because the weather hasn't really changed to summer (or even spring) yet, but mostly because time flies when you're having fun.  Already this Spring we have successfully bagged another Blakely Rock Benefit race,  an equally successful Race-to-the-Straits, our second running of the new Three-buoy Fiasco, an entire 5-race Ballard Cup series, and the season launch of Take-Your-Time-Friday!  All this, along with some really fun cruising rendezvous to such destinations as Poulsbo, Pt. Townshend, and Kingston.


Does this club rock or what?!!


As we head into the summer months of June and July we'll keep busy with Monday and Friday night racing, along with cruises to Vashon, Liberty Bay, and maybe more.


 During this relative lull in the excitement(not), your Board will spend some time working on other administrative topics that can occupy an organization like ours.  Here are a few of the topics on our agenda that need attention;

 Survey of membership preferences, ideas, suggestions.

 Possible restructuring of the membership levels, (voting, associate, cruising, etc)

 Possible rental and use of a storage locker for club assets,

 Enhanced membership services and technical assistance,

 The procurement of our very own PA system,

 Improved control and oversight of our club treasury,

 Web server migration, and site improvements,

 Enhanced documentation of the various procedures used in the operation   of club events,

 A permanent solution for the Spring Beach buoy,

 Compilation of the next issue of the Anchorline newsletter.



As I'm sure you can see,  running a club such as ours requires the focus and dedication of many people. Please join me in thanking each and every member of your Board for the great service they provide to us all.  And let's also thank the many volunteers who have stepped forward to provide us with their time and expertise for  those additional  duties that we have; such as providing us with race committees/boats, party set-up and clean-up, logistics, etc.


Hats off to STYC!





 April 24th


What a great time we had last weekend at the 32nd annual Blakely Rock Benefit Regatta!  In spite of all the things that could have gone wrong, it looks like practically nothing did, and now that it's behind us, we can brag just a little about the success of it all, including how much fun it was, and the fact that we raised near $8,000 for the Ballard Food Bank.


Way to go STYC!  And a huge thank you to all those who made it possible, from our merchant donors, to the hard working board members, the skippers and participants, and the wonderful folk at the Sloop Tavern who accommodate us so aptly and patiently each year.


Hats off to all of you for your dedication to the cause and to the club!






April 11 2012


Greetings  everyone.  STYC's first big event of 2012 is this Saturday, April 14th!  Yes that's right, the Blakely Rock Benefit Race is once again upon us, and once again focused on the good people at the Ballard Food Bank, who do so much for our local community.  Last year we raised over $9,000 for our efforts, and we hope to exceed that this year, so let's all turn out for the cause.  Consistent with STYC tradition, we have several fun ways for you to participate (in addition to the actual race).  To start with, you can participate in our on-line "silent' auction by clicking the link above.  Secondly, you can come down to the clubhouse (Sloop Tavern) early on race day and participate in the wonderful blintz breakfast provided by the Sloop Tavern, and an all-volunteer staff.  Thirdly, buy one of our special commemorative shirts being sold for the event.  And lastly, be sure to load up on raffle tickets for a chance to win one of the really keen items generously donated from our local merchant community.   It is worth noting that 100% of all proceeds received through these efforts go directly to the food bank, thanks to the hard work and dedication of many generous volunteers.


 Finally, be sure and stay for the party and raffle on Saturday night, with official presentations getting under way around 1900 hrs.

See you all there,







March 18 2012


Greetings to all STYC Members and guests.  Here's your heads up reminder to attend the 2012 Spring general membership meeting, coming Thursday, March 22.  See details on this web page, and be a part of the fun.


See you all there!




Jan 14 2012


A happy and safe 2012 to STYC! We have officially started another busy year here with the January board meeting.  The agenda this month was varied and long, and we worked our way through quite a few important items.  Here are the highlights:


One of the more important accomplishments of the night was to confirm the appointment of Joe Grieser to the post of over 30 handicapper. Many of you know Joe as the proprietor of Ballard Sails, and skipper of Hagar, the ton cold molded beauty in our ever expanding STYC fleet.


 Joe is the former club handicapper (2010) for SBYC, and brings a wealth of knowledge to his new role with STYC, by way of his experience in handicapping, sail making and sailing.  Joe has raced extensively on many boats both here in Seattle and in San Diego over the past 20+ years. He is a veteran of many ocean campaigns, and  has become familiar with the characteristics and constituents of our local fleet. 


Joe joins Dan Randolph, STYCs new 30-and-under handicapper, which puts us in an excellent position to represent and work with PHRF, while serving the members with rating guidance and decisions.  Additionally, since the handicapper posts are voting positions, both Dan and Joe will play a key role in keeping the club on course, as we navigate our way through the challenges of operating a club of this size and significance.  Please join the board in welcoming Joe to this important club post.


The next major decision to come from the January board meeting: Pink Boat!  Yes folks, thats right.  Pink Boat is coming to Seattle this fall, and will be hosted by STYC. Although a relatively new event, Pink Boat is destined to become an international affair, much like Leukemia Cup, complete with corporate sponsorship,  high visibility, and a ton of fun (STYCs specialty)  for all involved, not to mention a worthy cause: supporting breast cancer research.  This exciting new event is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 9th.  Pink Boat is an established organization, originating in the Bay area.  STYC will host the event, with club efforts lead by our own Ashley Bell.  Stay tuned for more details as they become available.  In the mean time, you can visit THEPINKBOAT.ORG for information.


Anna Elze, our club cruise director, announces two fun on-shore cruise events coming soon. The first is the 3 Bar Fiasco, set to begin at the Sloop Tavern, on January 28th at 1800 hrs.  The plan is to mingle a while with the Iceberg group, then move on to two other establishments in the area, all within walking distance.  Give Anna a call, or just show up.


Attention skiers: another  fun cruise coming up will be the first annual STYC overnight ski trip to Mission Ridge, Feb 24th thru the 26th.  This year, our ski trip will be held in conjunction with an established event run by our partners at SBYC. 

Participate with your fellow yachties in organized events each night, or stay in your own cozy lodge room, and dont forget about the ski action. Call Anna for details, and how to secure your lodging for this one.


Just a couple of other reminders before I sign off:


First, the annual membership renewal party will be held at the club house (Sloop Tavern) on Thursday, Jan 26th, starting at 5:30, and going until?  If you have not renewed your membership for 2012, this will be your chance to get it done in person, before your grace period runs out on Jan. 31.  Also, please bring along your non-member crew / boat neighbors so they can see what a fun group we are.


Last item for now:  Save the date for the Spring General Membership meeting, currently set for March 22.








Jan 2 2012


Ahoy STYC.  Hoping you all had a great holiday. Here's to a happy new year to us all.


The very first thing I would like to cover in this column is to recognize and  thank all our outgoing board members from  2011.  Departures  include :

      Nigel Barron - Secretary

      Chris Halstead - Treasurer

      Tammy Walker - Board Position 2

      Garry  Greth  - Board Position 4

      Bill Blodgett  - Race Committee Chair

      Christopher  Butler - over 30' handicapper  and RTS chairman

      Nate Creitz  - 30' and under handicapper, TYT, DTS chairman


A Sloop sized thanks to these generous and talented folk  for making STYC a continuing success in our community.


Looking ahead to 2012, we would like to welcome our new board members who join us for the first time this year, or who are moving to new positions effective for 2012:

      Damon Darley - Secretary

      Tammy Walker - Treasurer

      Board Position 2 - Duke Phan

      Board Position 4 - John Endresen

      Ross Peterson - Race Committee Chair

      Dan Randolph - 30' and under handicapper


I ask that you all join me in welcoming these fine folk to the 2012 board, and in thanking them for serving STYC.  Also, keep in mind that the entire list of executive (voting)  board members, along with our extensive list of auxiliary members can be found right here on the web site, on the "board members" link to the left.


As your Commodore for 2012, there are a few resolutions I have for the club that I would like to share .  As most of you are well aware,  the past few years have been tremendously successful ones, when you consider the growth in membership and  fortunes,  along with the size and content of our ever-expanding portfolio of fun events, brought about by the dedication, hard work  and creativity of our board and membership.

With regard to growth in membership, I have high hopes that we can continue this trend, as we reach out to the Puget Sound sailing communities;  letting everyone know what STYC has to offer, and why,  as a yacht club,  we are such a great deal, and such a great place to be.


Additionally,  albeit at a slower pace, we will continue to innovate around club activities and events, specifically for the purpose of providing more fun to more people. (stay tuned for an exciting and new charity event soon to be announced)  However, having said that, I am resolved to focus more energy on refining and perfecting, the current slate of race events, a slate which includes all of our newly minted classics such as; 

    Three Bouy Fiasco

    Down the Sound

    Take your Time Fridays

    Triple Sound Short-handed Sailing Series


    Race your House


along with our more established portfolio races like Iceberg, Blakely Rock Benefit,  Race to the Straits, Ballard Cup, Fall Regatta, etc.


And for all of you who enjoy social activities, there is plenty of opportunity for improvement there as well, so I plan to be spending more time on this aspect of our club in 2012 too.


A couple of other  resolutions this year, which are actually carry-overs from 2011 have to do with completing a membership survey to make sure we stay on course with your preferences,  and to find ways to improve our many shore-side events.


Here's hoping the new year will be healthy, educational, prosperous and fun for all of us, both individually and as a Club.






 December 4th, 2011


Seasons Greeting fellow Sloop Members! Business is certainly picking up as we head toward year end.  As you know, our Christmas Party is near, and also such items is board elections. Your board met on December 1st to address these, as well as other items of interest, mostly with an eye to 2012, and the many loose ends which will need our attention between now and then.  Our race book edits are nearly complete, and we are now ready for the party and elections on the 9th.


One of the other topics your board has worked hard on is the 2012 race calendar, which is now agreed to with all other area Yacht Clubs and reflected in the SARC (Seattle Area Racing Council) site.  Many hours went into this effort to try to find the best fit for everyone.  One of our biggest issues this year was the scheduling of next year's Three Buoy Fiasco, since there wasn't really any "free" Saturdays to choose from.  We believe the date finally settled on (May 12), although not optimum, will provide the best balance across competing races, all vying for dates during the busy month of May.


The final item of note from the Dec. 1 Board meeting is the critical number of vacant appointments to our very important 2012 auxiliary board.  Here is a wonderful opportunity for members to step forward and serve the Club by volunteering for one of those jobs that makes ours such a successful Yacht Club.  The current list of openings includes Club PHRF handicapper, and Race Committee Chair; both voting positions, with essential roles to play in Club operation and governance.  Also on the list of un-filled positions are the following event chairs:  Take-your-time Friday, Down the Sound, Single Handed Race, J&J, and Fall Regatta.  We will endeavor  to fill each of these openings in the coming weeks, including an active volunteer call at the Christmas party on the 9th.

Hope to see you all and your guests at the Christmas party-  I'll be the one in the penguin suit!




 November 19, 2011


The board met last week for one of our monthly business meetings, and as usual, there was much to discuss.  The headliner subject for this month is the planning/prep for the upcoming elections and Christmas party (Dec. 9th).  As in years past, STYC's most valuable member, Carol Pearl, led us through an incredibly well developed listing of the details.  Based on all that was covered, it appears we have things well in hand, and the entire event promises to be a great success.  We're hoping for a sizeable turnout this year, including VIP's, members, crew and guests.  When you see Carol at the party, be sure and thank her with a smile and a hug.


The other major effort occupying the Board's time these days is the update to the race book for 2012.  As you all know, 2011 was another year of innovation and evolution,  and much has been learned from the experience.  These lessons are being captured, recorded, and reflected in our race book, in the form of improved or clarified text.  I would like to thank the members of the sub-committee responsible for this work, and especially for the leadership shown by our race chair, Bill Blodgett.


Announcement:  Our partners at SBYC have informed us that they plan to apply greater focus next year to their signature events (Snow bird, and Trans Puget).  Accordingly, they have decided to end their material support of the Ballard Cup Series. As most of you are aware, SBYC has in the past provided race committee assets for the first two (5 race) series.  Most notably, what this will mean to us at STYC is a significant increase in work load associated with the administration of this series. I suppose it goes without saying that as an all volunteer club, we all will need to rise to the occasion with inreased donations of time/talent/and maybe a committee boat now and then.


Other administrative activities of note this month include the finalization of the 2012 race calendar (coming soon) and the addition of some really keen new burgee stickers for inclusion in the membership renewal packs for next year.


See Y'all at the Party on the 9th!









October 16th. 2011


All, it sure looks like we just pulled off another big one with the simultaneous running of a near flawless Fall regatta, along with what is by any measure, a great success with the return of Race your House.  Although both race formats shared a common start/finish line, everything went very well, with great skill shown both on the race course, and aboard the committee boat.  In all the starts and all the finishes, there wasn't a single miss with regard to our time keeping, and recording, which served to make for  a entirely non-controversial set of results.  A special thanks to volunteer Kevin Rhone,  professional skipper and proprietor of M/V Andante Cruises for donating the use of his beautiful and comfortable 50ft motor yacht Andante.


With regard to Race Your House, a race exclusively for livaboards, the day was really the culmination of a months long herculean effort by a lot of people, both STYC members, and some of our new friends over  at the Washington Liveaboards  Association (WLA) .  As is often the case with a production like this, things really started to come together in the last week or so, and began to bear fruit on Friday morning, when Christy Johnson of KING5 went out on Brava, along with new owner Mike Humpston of WLA. Also aboard were our own Kirk Utter, and Al Hughes.  The cruise was featured throughout the day on KING TV with  a series of short pieces telecast to the entire Seattle area.  When one of the liveaboard owners mentioned at the Costco checkout line that they were purchasing food for a Sailboat race, other in line asked if it was for Race your House!!! 


Having successfully gotten the word out, the next step was a party  and skippers' meeting at Ballard Sails on Friday evening.  The skipper's meeting went very well, and all who were in attendance listened attentively, asks questions and took notes.  By then It was clear this whole thing had really captured the attention of some of our more local liveaboard brothers and sisters.  Donated gift items were raffled off, and  the party resumed with live music and even some dancing.


Saturday morning Looked like a good day to race big heavy boats, and the entire 25-boat fleet made it around the course in fine shape.  It was in impressive sight to see  this group, many of them quite timid and careful, get into the excitement of the event and drive their boats in ways not often experienced by this demographic.  I think, too, being part of a larger event, which included our own expert fleet of Fall Regatta boats, also helped to inspire the Corinthian spirit. 


As evening approached, the Sloop Tavern  filled with thirsty, smiling sailors of all types.  As elements of the two demographics  crowded together,  shared a brew, and the excitement of the whole thing, it became  even more evident that, not only did we have yet another hit on our hands, but that we as a Yacht club had confirmed one of our most strongly head beliefs; that STYC is the proper club for the "Common Man", with a focus on sailing for the FUN of it. It is note- worthy, I believe that among the fleet of 25 were two 50+ ft clipper style (pirate ship-looking) vessels, one based in Tacoma, the other in Everett, who made the trip to seattle,  just to be a part of the STYC event.


Our heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors, club members, and non-members as well, (too numerous to list here) who worked so hard to make Race Your House, and the simultaneous running of the Fall Regatta such a success!





September 14th


As I'm sure you all are aware, the Summer of 2011 has been very busy for us at STYC. Since the last update, we concluded the Ballard Cup and Take your Time Friday series, held the second annual, and very successful Down the Sound, along with another of our long time trademark events; STYC Single Handed race, and most recently held the third and final race of our newly minted Triple Sound Series, with the very well attended J&J race. What a Summer! I am proud to say all went well, and proud of our board and the many volunteers who made it all possible. Thanks to all of them, and all of you for being a part of this great club. Let's do it all again next year!


Next up is our Fall General Membership meeting on Sept. 22, and our annual Fall Regatta, along with our newest addition, Race your House on the 15th of October. I look forward to seeing you all there.


July 5, 2011


July certainly got of to a terrific start for STYC as we racked up three important events in as many days.  First off (on the first of July) was our long awaited release of the second quarter edition of the Anchorline newsletter.   If you havent seen it yet, click on the link to the left of this message and go to the most current one.


Also on the first was a most excellent Take Your Time Friday race and party.  In case you missed it, this one was particularly fun, with a very good sized fleet, fantastic weather, and a great party at the CYC club house, complete with lots of great prizes and free food.  We thank all those who sponsored this event, along with all those who participated. 


TYT Fridays is beginning to pick up some real steam, and should continue to get better and better now that summer has finally arrived.  If youve not made one of these yet, youre missing out! Come on out and join us, and get your neighbors on the dock to do the same.  All are welcome.


The other great event this past weekend was our STYC rendezvous at Poulsbo on the 3rd for the annual festival and fireworks show. This year was better for several reasons; first was the raft, both in size, (20 boats!)  and in terms of stability.  Although we had the largest raft in the harbor this year, ours was absolutely solid, and did not move or shift around at all.  Thanks to all who came, and for all those anchors.  And a special thanks to Kirk Fraser and Grant Fjermendal for the fine work in getting the raft established. 


The other item of note was a better-than-ever fireworks display, and some superlative weather on the 4th. 


As we move forward into summer, lets also remember the final five-race Ballard Cup series, and Down the Sound, all coming up in the next month.  See you out there!






May 5th


Wow! Spring is sure a busy time of the year for all of us at STYC, as we launch, and move along into our annual racing season. The months of May and June have much to offer that we can all participate in. 


First up is the Race to the Straits. This year is the 10th anneversary of this now classic Puget Sound event.  As in years past, this entire affair is managed by Christopher Butler and his crew. We know we are in good hands since Christopher is actually the father of this event, stretching back over its entire history. There probably isn't much to say about the race and party in Pt. Townshend that hasn't already been said. This is truely a Puget Sound classic, and we are all proud to know it carries the brand of the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club.


One week following the RTTS, (may 14th) is our newest addition to the STYC portfolio, the Three Buoy Fiasco.  Modeled after the now famous Three Bridge Fiasco held annually in San Francisco Bay, this one features a pursuit syle start, and lots of stratgy, as boats are allowed to round the aformentioned three buoy's in any order, and in either direction, including the start line!  (Huh?)  You heard it right, use your imagination, hone your sailing skills, and don't forget to register. There will be divisions for short handed, fully crewed and cruisers. Also, this race is being jointly sponsored by STYC and the folks at Port Madison Yacht Club.  In addition to the usual division breaks and over-all prizes, there will be a new perpetual trophy cast and deeded to the team (east sound vs. west sound)with the highest composite scores.  Be sure to turn out for this one and represent your "side".


Lastly, don't forget starting in June, we will be bringing back Take-your-time Fridays.  Each Friday through the months of June and July, we're hosting this fun event, in partnership with CYC and Sail NW. It features GPS self starts and finishes, along with on-line finish time submittals, and STYC's own formula for golf-style handicapping.  And new this year, each race will be followed by a party at the CYC club house, along with food and prizes, provided by Sail NW.


And don't forget, as has always been the case, your Sloop Tavern Yacht Club stresses sailing for the fun of it, and that includes you cruisers too. Any boat with a sail that can meet the ISAF Cat 5 equipment and mimimum insurance requirements, can race with us.


See you out there!


Your Commodore,

Tim Morgenroth



March 28


Hello everyone.  Here's your reminder that there are only a few days left to bid on the wonderful goods and services donated by some great supporters of STYC and the Ballard Food Bank. To view the auction items, and place your bids, click on the banner for the Blakely Rock Benefit race and select "on-line auction"  Once in, just fallow the instructions posted there and bid on your favorite items.  Remember, all proceedes go to charity.  Thanks in advance for your generosity.


March 23, 2011.


Reminder to all -  The 2011 Blakely Rock Benefit Race is coming very soon (April 2)!  This the big one, folks.  Complete with blintz breakfast at the Sloop Tavern, T-shirts and hats, a really fun race, and an even more fun party, including awards and a most awesome raffle, with tons of really great products and services donated by local merchants and organizations. You can also participate in an on-line auction for the more valuable donations by clicking on the event link on this web page. And the best part - it's all for a worthy cause. Bring your check book and have some fun, all for a great charity, The Ballard Food Bank!



March 2


Spring Membership Meeting set for March 24!!!!!!


The annual Spring All-Membership meeting will be held this year on Thursday, March 24 at KAM Gear's facility at 5476 Shilshole Ave NW, Seattle.  We will stick with the successful format used in the recent past, including pot luck salads, side dishes, hors d'eourves, and desserts, while burgers and beer will be provided by STYC.  The agenda is still being developed, but you can be sure we will spend some time covering a few important topics, and have a lot of fun catching up with one another. Stay tuned for details to follow.


Please plan to attend and bring your crew too as we mingle with fellow yachties and other lucky people, like ourselves.


Tim Morgenoth





January 20, 2011


STYC welcomes new Board members for 2011


Now that your 2011 Board is settling in for another busy year guiding the club around the course, we would like to recognize those who stepped forward to serve you, the membership. New this year are:  Mike Beste as Vice Commodore, Kirk Fraser, Mark Music and Gary Greth as at-large board members, Anna Elze as Cruise Chair, and Ross Peterson, Fleet Captain.  Additionally, there have been some internal watch changes which include Tim Morgenroth ascending to Commodore,  Paul Kalina stepping into the past Commodore role,(thanks Paul for all you have done, and continue to do for the club) and Christopher Butler taking over as Handicapper 30 and over, and Bill Blodgett stepping in as Race Committee chair.  Lets thank these and all our existing board members who have agreed to stay on in their current positions for another year.  Im sure you will agree that STYC is the best Yacht Club in town, due in large part to the high level of member participation that we enjoy. Please join me in welcoming our new board members, and thanking all who serve us, the STYC members.




2011 Race Book Available Now, Here on the Website.


As was announced earlier via e-mail, you can access the Annual STYC race book now.  Thanks to all who worked so hard to get it right, and especially to Bob Foulds for taking on the job of editor in chief, and for all his great format and content improvements.




 2011  Membership Renewals Due January 31


If you have not yet gone on line, or sent in your check by mail or drop box, you will need to do so by the end of January.  To add some enticement to the process, everyone is invited to join us at the club house (Sloop Tavern) on Wednesday, Jan 26th, 6:30 to 9:30. This invitation goes out to all members, regardless of their current renewal status.  Also, you are encouraged to bring along your friends who are looking for a yacht club home of their own.  STYC will be there.  (Thats you and me!)



Seattle Yacht Club certifies Iceberg Race as Grand Prix Qualifier!!!!!!!


How about that folks.  Also included in this exciting announcement are the Ballard Cup series 1,2 and 3, along with the Fall Regatta!!! These STYC events join the already listed Blakely Rock Benefit Race, and Race to the Straits, as STYC and Seattle area classics, each one significant enough in its own right to be considered worthy of inclusion as a Grand Prix Qualifier.  We expect these changes will likely result in much greater participation in SYCs late fall classic, and that the STYC fleet will dominate the results and make for a great party next November.