Commodore Words
Way to go Sloopers!

Slooper racers are making names for themselves!  At last night's Membership meeting, Al Hughes spoke about his recent Single Handed TransPac to an attentive (get that, willya, is this the Sloop?) crowd of more than 50.  In the audience were other veterans of short handed ocean racing: Allen Rutherford, who raced in the FIRST of these races in 1978; Bill Stange of several years ago, and Darrell Jensen who raced in the Double Handed Pacific Cup this year. Many thoughtful and intelligent questions led to a great discussion. Thanks agian, Al.

We are making names for ourselves here at home as well-and making a difference.  Last night we started fund raising for the Ballard Food Bank and raised $215.00 in post regatta T shirt sales and donations.  Hooty Hoot!

We will continue this early fund raising at the STYC Christmas Party on December 5th.  Look for more information about this soon.

New coordinates of the Spring Beach (R) mark are:
47 44.387
122 22.944
It's in about 40' of water at zero tide

The Ballard Cup is over...and what a series it was.  Good weather, good racing.

Many thanks to Race Committee chair and PRO Tom Barrigan. Literally, without Tom giving up every Monday night from April to August, this would not have happened.  Tom, go enjoy that Eastern WA ranch and, oh yeah, your own boat.

Many other thanks to all the committee boat and crew volunteers that helped Tom get this done:  Tryst, Magic Button, Airloom, Moonshine and Kowloon. You guys are awesome.. and you should be proud you keep the club going.

And now, to the boats get to bask in the glory: Prismatic Thunder, Kowloon, More Uff Da, Airloom, Last Tango.  All you guys are awesome.
Buy the Race Committee a beer!

Stay tuned for the final tabulations of the Ballard Cup Series and Commodore's Cup.


Please see the message from the Bellingham Yacht Club.  Now is the time to start planning and conniving to defend the Kelly O'Neill cup that we won last year.  Unfortunately, I have been Shanghaied to serve as part of the on the water RC so won't be able to (directly) help in this effort.


We are now taking early registration for the 35th PITCH

We'd like to have as many pre-register as possible so we can plan an exciting event.

If you're going to PITCH, Please help us by registering NOW.


It’s going to be great.  What better time to be a Sailor and a Sloop Member?  Think about it.   Gas is hovering at $4.50 a gallon (closer to $4.75 up here in Bellingham).  By my way of thinking that has got to have an effect on all the water-pushing stink pots out there.  The last I checked the wind was still free, so this summer has got to be a better summer for cruising than ever.  Now, if only the weather would cooperate.

And there is no better time to be a Sloop member either.  First of all, our membership is growing, so that means there are more of us than ever.  Welcome to all you new members.  Fly your burgee proudly and cast no wake on our club.   Call Park Densmore if you are new and don’t have a burgee.
Enjoy the benefits of our club, many of which are cost saving.  First of which is the reciprocal moorage program. We are adding new clubs all the time, so check the website  often, and for the latest deal in cheap on the water accommodations, call Bob Leighton.  Second and growing is the club discount at Fisheries Supply.  Last weekend when I bought a new fresh water system pump, I saved 30%.  One more of those and I just made back my dues for the year-and don’t worry, Garufa will help me with that, no question.  Power to the Sloopers!
Speaking of cruising, thanks to the power of the internet and our website, we can announce upcoming cruises as they happen.  If you haven’t, check out the STYC forums and let’s get something going.  If you’re headed North in early August, stop in at Inati Bay on Lummi Island (on the way to Sucia) and join the Bellingham Yacht Club for their inaugural Buccaneer Cruise ( for more information).  Don’t forget to get your I-68 form (and decal if necessary) from the Customs people for easy re-entry back into the ‘good old USA’ after that Gulf Island, Barkley or Desolation Sound cruise.  Honest, it’s really easy, especially if you drive up to Bellingham, which by the way, is where the whole program originated.  Ask for Mike Brydie, Port Director and tell him I sent you.
We have had a busy spring racing season and look forward to more in the fall.  As I write, Nigel and Stu are in the midst of planning the replacement of the Spring Beach buoy.   Thanks to Fisheries Supply and CSR Marine there will be a brand spanking new mark that will hopefully stay where it belongs for many seasons to come.
Finally, the STYC is a US Sailing Organizational member…this means we support US Sailing and its mission to bring sailing into the lives of many.  They offer a great benefit program as well. We don’t require US Sailing membership, but we sure can encourage it.
Hope to see you on the water.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2008 - 8:00 PM

May 20, 2008
Congratulations to all the successful STYC racers this 2008 spring season.  From the Sloop's Blakely Rock Benefit, Race to the Straits and Spring Regatta's, Ballard Cup, NOODS, PSSR, and Tri Island Series, Sloop racers are everywhere.  Good tides, fair wind and following seas to all Swiftsure racers!

Long time Sloop Tavern Yacht Club member and active sailing community influence, Tom Rutten passed away early last Friday morning.  Long time sailing partner, business partner, and STYC member Bruce Hedrick sends this message:

"Tom's final wishes were for no memorial service so we'll comply with that. Instead, we decided that we would have 'Tom's Retirement Party', so let the chaos begin. This will take place this Friday night, May 9th, 5:30-8:30pm at the SYC Outstation at Elliott Bay Marina. If you need directions, just let me know. There will be beer, wine, and light hor's doeuvres.

So help us out and drop me a quick line to let us know how many of you there will be. Please respond to

We're also looking for pictures of Tom, stories of Tom and Greg Moore had a great idea, let's try and compile a list of the boats Tom sailed on. We'll post that list and when you arrive, just sign in under whatever boat name(s) you sailed on with Tom."

Past Commodore Laurie Turay is in the planning process for the STYC's contributions to this event, so stay tuned for more news.

At the 'mid point' awards of the Race to the Straits, Laurie and I hoisted a toast to Tom, just to make sure he knew he was missed and remembered during a sailing regatta.

Neil Bennett,

Ahoy, Sloopers!!  We raised just over $7, 200.00 for the Ballard Food Bank last Saturday.  This is no easy feat, so thank you!!!.  To reach this level of donation is really a 'crew' effort:  loyal volunteers who spend countless hours staring at spreadsheets trying to keep track of everything (me), members calling businesses to solicit and pick up donations, organizing tee shirt/hat design and production, planning and producing  a breakfast that includes making blinztes on Friday night and starting to cook sausage at 4:00 AM;  people to cook and serve, at which the Food Bank volunteers were awesome, plus it takes the generosity and tolerance of Charlie and his crew of bartenders at the Sloop who donate all the breakfast supplies (which allows us to donate all the proceeds) ; it takes a volunteer committee boat or two, a race committee capable of starting 13 classes and scoring at least half of the entries in less than 15 minutes - new Race Chair and PRO Tom Barrigan really rose to the challenge with help from the Bellingham Yacht Club Race Committee. And, these folks work hard, so its important to keep them happy, so we have a volunteer Ace Jambalaya'er who whipped up a batch for everyone, then hoisted class flags.  It takes generous businesses to donate great raffle items; and finally it takes wind and racers.  Last year we sponsored the Ballard Senior Center, a great organization, but the wind didn't blow and half the fleets abandoned, so no one came to the awards party and we didn't have anyone to 'convince' to buy raffle tickets. So, this year the wind cooperated, and so did the sailors.  We had some great prizes and 5 silent auction items.

It’s a great event, and a lot of fun to produce. It’s the biggest thing I do as Commodore every year and there is very little time to practice.

And well worth the effort.  THANKS



Ahoy again Sloopers,

I am writing because I heard from another Slooper that there was a rumor that the Sloop had fallen out of favor with the Sloop.  Huh?  Yep, what I heard was a concern that the Yacht Club was drifting from the Tavern.  Well, the last time I checked the mooring lines were still firmly cleated and all was good.

The Blakely Rock Benefit Race for the Ballard Food Bank is going great. Check out the website. We have over 70 donated items and a bunch of boats registered. The weather report looks good (I didn’t see the word snow anywhere) and the Race Committee is all ready.

Don’t forget, breakfast is open at 0700 – we have the usual collection of cooks, some great tee shirts, posters and hats…oh yeah, and be sure to buy your raffle tickets.

See you Saturday.


Ahoy Sloopers…

Two important announcements to kick off the New Year.  First, the annual, very informal membership renewal and hobnob with Board members will occur again on January 29, 2008, at the Sloop, starting somewhere around 6:00 PM.  Bring your checkbook, your completed renewal form (yes, we will have some there) and we will give you your membership card…and maybe even your race book, but don’t count on it.

Second, as you all know the first regatta of the 2008 Commodore’s Cup will occur February 2, 2008. We have the permits, we have the scoring software, we have the RC and Committee boat -  all we need is you!  We are also doing something new – at the request of Board member Dave Marod, we will be running a Flying Sails division.


Everything else is the same – except it is entirely discretionary on the part of the RC.

This is going to be a fun year…See you on the water

Neil Bennett