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2018 Cruises
October 27-28, 2018 October Cruise and Snooze Port Orchard Marina
December 1st - 2nd Dark and Stormy in Poulsbo
January 19th-20th, 2019 4th Annual Blake Island Snooze & Cruise
Feb 23rd and 24th Bacon and Bourbon Fresh Water Race and Cruise
March 16th and 17th Port Orchard Rainy Daze
April 20th and 21st Kingston in April!
Feb 23rd and 24th Bacon and Bourbon Fresh Water Race and Cruise (3 days to go)

Hey friends!  Remember how we didn't have anything planned for February for a cruise!?  Well now you can knock the barnacles of your dock condo, or simply not deal with (as many) bridges or the locks!  Join us for the first ever STYC Freshwater Race and Overnight on Lake Washington!  First place in the race wins a pound of bacon.  A POUND!!  Come for the race, come for the cruise.  Either way we will be happy to see your smiling face at the dock! Moorage is $0.90 per foot.  All pertinent links are posted below!

Skipper Meeting will be at Kirkland Public Dock 9:30 AM

Cruisers come any time and join at Anthony's for drinks and the awards ceremony!

Awards will be at Anthony's in Kirkland at 7:00 PM

Make a weekend of it and book a slip to stay!

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