Available to crew
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Race Name:   Duck Dodge, or any
Name:   Brad & Tomas
Email:   purduepilot87@gmail.com

Two 30 year olds here looking to crew for Duck Dodge or a weekend day sail. Have both
taken ASA 101, have much experience with motoryachts and some experience with dinghy
sailing but looking to gain more experience on keelboats. Happy to supply refreshments, etc.

Race Name:   Ballard Cup
Name:   Ryan Fitzgerald
Email:   fitz297@gmail.com
Phone:   3392032184

New to Seattle, I've done my ASA 101, 103, and 104. Had some casual cruising
experience back home in Boston around the harbor. Looking to get out on the water here
in Seattle.

Race Name:   Doug Nichols
Name:   Doug Nichols
Email:   dougxn@gmail.com
Phone:   2064517235

I am looking to crew. I am new to racing, but have sailed for the last three years. I learn at the cwb and
took my bc at windworks. In addition I have crewed several over nights to the San Juan's. I weigh 190
and am 6'1", 60 years old and am in excellent condition.